360 Cookware Reviews

360 cookware reviewsHere is one of the 360 Cookware Reviews. The 360 Waterless cookware is an excellent choice for waterless cooking. This amazing 5-ply T304 surgical stainless-steel cookware line, made in the USA by Americraft Cookware in West Band, is designed to cook healthy meals within a short time. Its vapor technology allows for healthy vapor cooking, which heats food faster and at a lower temperature. It uses a few drops of water and the food’s natural juices, to produce food that is moist, tender, tasty and highly nutritious. This 360 Cookware Review will enlighten you on the amazing reasons why you should purchase this cookware, its features, and drawbacks.

Why Waterless Cooking?

Waterless Cooking is a healthier way of cooking, mainly because it conserves the nutrients of the food, producing a healthy and tasty meal for you and your family. You do not need to add grease or oil when you cook. It works by using the water that is already contained in your food. The advantages of using this cooking method over the conventional cooking methods are:

  • It saves time, energy and money.
  • You get to retain the minerals and other healthy properties, as this cooking method doesn’t require much heat.
  • It is lower in calories than the conventional cooking method as you don’t need to add oil or fat.
  • Your food retains its natural flavor, giving you a different and much better taste than the conventional cooked foods taste.


  • Easy to clean
  • Vapor Cooking
  • Nonstick Coating
  • Weighs 11.5 pounds
  • Oven safe to 350°F-400°F
  • Ergonomic, stay-cool handles
  • Domed lid collects and circulates food vapor
  • Lifetime Warranty; electrical components warranted for 2 years.
  • You can bake on stove top using the medium to low heat setting
  • 5 Ply Stainless Steel: This material doesn’t only make the cookware durable, scratch and stain resistant, beautiful with a clean smell, it conducts heat greatly. Its aluminum core sandwiched between 2 pieces of stainless steel, makes it a perfect cookware.
  • Made with T-304 Surgical Stainless Steel, cladding aluminum core which is sandwiched between the stainless-steel exterior and interior for even heat distribution.
  • Magnetized bottoms that make them compatible for use with induction stovetops.

360 Cookware Reviews -Pros & Cons:


  • It has a beautiful design
  • It saves time, energy and money
  • Requires lower cooking temperatures
  • Preserves vital vitamins and nutrients foods
  • Helps you create healthier and more nutritious meals.
  • Eliminates the need for oil, causing the food to have less fat.
  • Durable, sturdy, stain resistant and a great conductor of heat
  • Cook without the use of water, which improves the flavor of the food.


  • Despite its outstanding performance, it is quite expensive.
  • The waterless cooking technique may take some time to get used to and learn.
  • Food can stick to the pan.


As we conclude this 360 Cookware reviews, I must add that the 360 Cookware is available in the following sets;

  • 4pc Set
  • 6pc Set
  • 9pc Set
  • 15pc Set
  • 21pc Set

You can also purchase them in individual sets if you do not have the funds for the purchase of the set. I’d recommend this cookware mainly because of its 5-ply stainless steel property. Cooking healthier and tastier meals should be the goal of every woman, single or married.  A waterless cookware is a must have. You could try this one out and see! More waterless cookware comparison here.

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