Like many ladies, I love to shop! And just finding a good deal on tomatoes bring me joy…lol.

However, I noticed that my research time determine the quality of product in the long run.

During my search, I realized that it is not the price that will determine if a product is good for you or  not. Instead, it boils down very much to your preferences. I have bought expensive products and cheap ones before that I still have. Sometimes the cheaper ones outlasts the more expensive ones and sometimes they are more useful and practical for me.

Its true that price could be a good indicator of the quality of the materials used to make a product. But it should not be the only factor to take into consideration. Maybe a more expensive product is less likely to spoil and could last a little longer. But how practical it is to use as often as needed and how useful it is for you?

So, what I intend to use this site for is to share about great and not so great products I have bought. Since I already do my research, you would not need to (at least for products I own or have on my wish list).

I hope you will enjoy your visit to W.I.B.I. If you could take a moment to drop a comment, I would appreciate that too.

Thank you!