Make the most of your shopping with friends

Thinking about Shopping with friends

The other day I was thinking about the good and the bad of shopping with friends.  I remember the time I had just got a new job and needed some work clothes.

Easily intimidated but needed help

At the time, I wasn’t bold to really say my mind. Especially not when shopping with friends. I could easily get intimidated and pushed into buying what I don’t want, don’t like or cannot afford. I will rather buy it and deal with the issues after.

Being a person that didn’t love to shop with people, and at this point needing a second opinion, I was confused as to who to go around with. And mind you I was new in town so I really needed help to know which store would fit my needs at the time.

I remembered why I didn’t like having company when shopping. I remember there was a time at which I really didn’t seem to have a strong mind of my own. I would be with people and voluntarily choose what they say in order to avoid trouble. I didn’t want it to feel like they were doing me a favour by going out with me and that I must do as they say. Like why did you ask me to come if you were going to not take my idea as all in all?

Why do you need to go shopping with friends?

Well, I think friends are great additions to anyone’s life. If you are rich in good friends you would be able to achieve more and get better results for your life. For example, the more number of friends you have the better for you if you need to sell a product or an idea. Your friends will either just give you social media support or even sales.

Here are some things you get for shopping with friends

  1. Their experience. For example, if your friend has purchased something at a store before and had a good or bad experience, it pays you to shop with them. That way you learn from their experience.
  2. Their views. Sometimes a second opinion is what you need to say yes or outrightly say no.
  3. Their assistance. You may be trying out a dress in the dressing room and you need a size next to the one you have. Your friend could help you pick what you need or communicate with the store assistant.
  4. Their cheer. A friend is a representative of many others that would eventually see you in the outfit. They would be able to tell you right there whether is a WOW look or an OK look or even a No No.
  5. Just the support. Sometimes its just feel great to know you are not alone.

This and many other reasons are why I now believe that shopping with friends is a plus.

Well so this time, since I needed help, I went out still with a friend. And for some reason I decided to try being strong even with my friends around.  Here are some of the tips I used that really helped me to get the most of the shopping experience.

Tip to get the most of shopping with friends

  1. I did a budget of my entire money. That way I knew how much I was willing to spending during this trip. I didn’t want to end up following my friends opinion again my family budget.
  2. I went online to see some sample options I had and about how many pieces I am likely to get with the money I had to spend.
  3. Choose a friend that you like their judgement in the area you need help. For example, if you need a second opinion in the area of clothing, you should find someone that you like their taste  and dress sense. You should’t pick someone you find dresses shabbily. Its important that you learn from the pro at least the ones on your friends list.
  4.  When choosing who to go shopping with, go with the one friend that you are not intimidate by. The ones that tell you great reviews of you and are willing to be honest with you. Though its also important that your friend knows when to keep their opinion to themselves too if need be. That way you can be sure they can stop you from making dumb shopping decision.
  5. I communicated my budget and plan to my friend and so it was easier to work together. This really helped us to work together as we went from store to store. Also since I had an idea of how many tops and bottoms I needed, it was easier to decide what store to visit. And I did not feel pressured at all unlike the other time.

So next time you feel like getting a second opinion while you shop, but are not ready to over spend or look bad, then you should consider using my strategies above.

Especially when you are shopping for outfits or even kitchen stuffs, its really good and helpful when you have a second pair of eyes as against the store ladies. I always think they would see their product no matter what. So I sometimes believe that their opinions are not really reliable. And so if I am investing in a special piece or even a regular cloth, I would rather ask another shopper what they think than ask a really eloquent sales girl.

Also remember that having a few options is always better than just one. For example for those who are shopping for waterless cookwares, We have compiled a list of good cookwares that will give you options to look through or even share with friends. Healthy eating is a good way to go and thats what waterless cookwares provide. Read more here

So my dear, don’t hesitate next time. And please learn to be yourself with friends. Its your life, its your money then it means your opinion counts.

Till next time, make sure you are sure of what you are buying what you choose to buy.

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