Pizzeria Pronto Review

The key to choosing a perfect pizza oven is to look out for one that cooks the top and the bottom of the pizza simultaneously. If you’re a pizza lover who doesn’t always get great results using your oven, I’m about to show you a great alternative for your family pizza night. The kitchen-friendly Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven by Companion Group is one of the best choice ovens for pizza. This portable outdoor pizza oven, designed to be used on any surface, is perfect for tailgating, camping, or your regular family pizza night. All you need to do is to hook it up to a propane tank, let it preheat for 10 minutes, and you’re ready to go. Your pizza will be ready to eat in only 5 minutes.  The purpose of this Pizzeria Pronto Review is to inform you

The purpose of this Pizzeria Pronto Review is to inform you of the important features you need to know about this oven as well as its pros and cons.

Specifications of Pizzeria Pronto

  • Product: Pizzeria Pronto PC6000
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.50” x 12.20” x 18.70”
  • Fuel type: Propane
  • Max floor temp: About 550°F (290°C)
  • Max air temp: About 700°F (370°C)
  • Fastest cook time: 5 minutes
  • Preheat time: 10-15 minutes
  • Recovery time between pizzas: A few moments.
  • Fuel consumption: Runs for 2 hours on a 1lb propane tank with an adapter.
  • A standard 15-pound propane tank will last more than a day.

Features of Pizzeria Pronto

The oven comes standard with the oven base, hood, reflector, and set of baking stones. The appliance manual includes operating instructions as well as a pizza dough recipe and important safety information.

  • Heat containing visor and stainless steel reflection plate. This feature results in a 20% decrease in your cooking time.
  • Moisture vent at the top of the oven releases moisture from cooking and prevents sogginess.
  • Dual-layer, interlocking cordierite pizza stone with a heat-diffusing hollow core: This feature ensures an evenly-baked crust by absorbing the direct heat from the flame and redistributing it evenly. The reflective heat shield built onto the top of the oven, redirects heat onto the top of the pizza, cooking your toppings at the same rate as your crust.
  • It contains a gas burner beneath a double pizza stone with a top that is open in the front so you can slide the pizza onto the stone.

Pros of Pizzeria Pronto

  • With this portable oven, you enjoy a home cooked pizza anywhere. It is especially perfect for tailgate parties, camping, and picnics.
  • Great for outdoor cooking. Pretty safe on any surface and incredibly easy to use.
  • It heats up fast and sustains the heat.
  • Quite affordable, compared to professional pizza ovens.
  • Pizzeria Pronto is weatherproof. You don’t need any extra covering for it.

Cons of Pizzeria Pronto

  • Although it cooks fast, this 12-inch pizza is a little small to feed a hungry crowd, should you decide to throw a party.
  • Some people find pizzeria pronto a little too pricey compared to entry level ovens.
  • The oven is designed for outdoor use, thus all elements have to be taken into account when cooking. You will need to define cooking times depending on the temperature and the wind so that your food won’t get burnt. It may take a little experimenting for you to get a grip on the perfect cooking method for your pizza.
  • The door of the oven is wide, but not very tall. Maneuvering pizzas in and out of it can be a little bit tricky if you aren’t very experienced in handling a pizza peel.

Final Thoughts – Pizzeria Pronto

The Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven has a great number of positive reviews on Amazon, with a 4.6-star rating and 106 customer reviews. It costs $259.39. This pizza oven is highly recommended for the many reasons already mentioned. The ease of use, ability to retain heat and cook in 5 minutes amongst other attractive qualities are what makes Pizzeria Pronto stand out. Overall, it does make great and very tasty pizza in just 5 minutes.

The most important aspect of pizza is the crust, and a conventional home oven does not achieve the high temperatures needed to cook pizza crust properly. This oven is a great investment for those pizza lovers and chefs who need more than a conventional oven to get the job done. However, it may take a little experimenting for you to figure out the perfect method to cook your pizzas depending on the weather conditions. Another Pizzacraft product –stovetop pizza oven review here.

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