SPT 18 Dishwasher

More often than we like to admit, major purchases like the choice for a dishwasher are a tough call. Even if you’ve decided on what and how to buy, there are still a few uncertainties that must be eliminated before buying. This review will take a thorough look at SPT SD-9252SS dishwasher, aiding you in deciding if it is, in fact, your preferred choice. If it isn’t, perhaps we could suggest a few other alternatives that might suit you even better.

For the SPT 18 Dishwasher, you get the portable version and the built-in version.

SPT SD-9252SS Dishwasher

The SPT SD-9252SS dishwasher offers the best of both worlds if compared to standalone and countertop dishwashers. It is just as compact in size as some of the countertop models and is only 18 inches in width. This is less than the standard size built-in dishwashers which are generally between 24 and 30 inches wide. On top of all of which, the dishwasher also offers robust performance which many have come to associate with freestanding dishwashers.

Why Do You Need a Full-Sized Dishwasher?

Well, you need a full-size dishwasher if you want;

More Dishes Done At Once – a full-size dishwasher automatically means a bigger capacity. Whether you have a big family or a restaurant; this would be your best bet.

Convenient Operation – You don’t have to move these models around before after use. They can be permanently installed under your counter.

Multitasking – Built-in models have an independent water line. You’ll still be able to use the sink when the dishwasher is in use.

Specifications of SPT SD-9252SS DishwasherSPT SD-9252SS-dishwasher

Brand Name: SPT
Model Info: SD-9252W
Item Weight: 54 pounds
Product Dimensions: 22.1 x 17.5 x 32.2 inches
Item model number: SD-9252W
Installation Type: Built-In
Part Number: SD-9252W
Form Factor: Built-In
Color: White
Control Console: Full Panel
Voltage: 120 volts
Certification: Energy-Star
Material Type: Stainless-Steel

SPT SD-9252SS  Dishwasher Features

This built-in 8 place setting dishwasher is a great addition to any home. At 18 inches wide, this unit takes up minimal space and is a great replacement for older appliances. The following features set it at par with most full-sized dishwashers;

Stainless Steel Interior
This adds a sleek and smooth texture to the interior of the dishwasher for a high-end look. The stainless steel delivers durable performance, providing higher heat retention to improve drying performance.

Silverware Basket: The basket holds both silverware and utensils for easy cleaning. The two racks have an adjustable upper rack to accommodate larger plates/pots. The 2 Spray Arms: help you have complete cleaning coverage.

Time Delay Feature: allows you to program operation at a later start time (1-24 hours). Allowing a load to run during off-peak hours helps reduce electricity cost.

Error Alarm: displays fault codes. Codes display to inform you of any abnormal status of the machine.

Rinse Aid Warning Indicator: refill reminder on rinse aid. When the rinse aid is running low, a refill reminder will be displayed on the panel.

Automatic Dispensers: Detergent and rinse agent.

Energy Star: meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency for year-round energy and money savings.

The wash programs are further stratified to 6 Wash Cycles including All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse and Speed. It has an 8 Place Setting Capacity and a Silence Rating of 55 dB

Pros – And a Few Other Dozen Reasons to Love

  • Its quiet operation of about 55 decibel
  • Six types wash program including normal, heavy, light, speed, rinse and all-in-one.
  • Eight (08) place setting capacity
  • it’s 1 – 24 hours delay start to feature the SPT SD-9252SS dishwasher will simply revolutionize dishwashing technology and finally give you some much-deserved downtime.
  • This exacting model is ideal for someone concerned about having the piece of a standalone or built-in dishwasher unit for the price of a countertop type.
  • It is easy to load.  The entire set up can be done very quickly as it also comes with the appropriate faucet adapter so that you do not have to guess which one to buy.
  • The color on another hand is also stainless which makes the clean up easy
  • The tub is also made of durable material which does not rust and the rack is great it has a coated plastic over them so it will not damage your dishes.

I personally think this is an amazing Dishwasher as it is small and compact but does not compromise the quality of getting your dishes thoroughly done, as users of a few other similar appliances complain.

Cons – But Not Deal-Breakers

The dishwasher has a few limitations which include its requirement to a connection to your kitchen’s plumbing system, and the fact that installing a built-in dishwasher usually means you will lose at least one of your kitchen’s storage cabinets.
If it’s not too much to give up, however, I subscribe that this is only a very small price to pay compared to the quality service you would be getting in return.

What Others Are Saying:

SPT SD-9252SS dishwasher has a 3.2 out of 5-star rating with 64 customer reviews on Amazon. There has been a lot of customers commending the dishwasher’s amazing features while a few others complained of some faults in the design.

To read the reviews on this product, please click to go to Amazon.

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The largest profit in making purchases like a dishwasher is the convenience it provides, and you will agree that only a few other dishwashers will provide you all the perks that the SPT SD-9252SS dishwasher promises.

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