Stovetop Pizza Oven Review- All You need to Know about Pizzacraft Stovetop Pizza Oven

Here is my Stovetop Pizza Oven Review. 

Stovetop Pizza Oven

Why I decided to do the Stovetop Pizza Oven Review

I don’t eat bread! What?!!! Yeah, however great Pizzas for me is to die for. And I can only eat pizza from a few pizzerias in town. My boys are like me only that they can eat anything labeled as pizza. So I make homemade pizzas often. I recently discovered a fast and easy stovetop pizza recipe that makes my life a lot easier. The results- yummy! The same day I discovered that Pizzacraft has designed a Stovetop Pizza Oven that will turn your kitchen to the best pizzeria in town and save you time and energy. Hence why I decided to write this pizzeria pronto review. 

The Pizzacraft PC0601 Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven

Compared to Conventional oven

Did you know that (asides recipe) the main reason why pizzas you get from your favorite pizzeria tastes much better than the ones you make in your kitchen is that they cook theirs under really high heat? You see, your conventional oven can only go up to about 500 degrees F and it will take about an hour to get it to that temperature. This Stovetop oven was designed to heat up really fast. In just about 15 mins your oven is ready to make you nice pizzas and it will cook your pizza in about 6 minutes. This means that your heart aches due to high utility bills will reduce.
With this stovetop pizza oven, you get an optimal pizza cooking environment. The design helps to absorb, trap and evenly distribute heat efficiently to your pizza, eliminating hot spots.
Pizzacraft promises you pizzeria pizza with this pizza pronto oven and many people have said the promise was fulfilled. I am definitely putting this on my Christmas shopping list.
In this pizzeria pronto review, here are things you will take away in a nut shell: 
1. It only works with gas range
2. Heats up really fast
3. Easy to Store and not too large.
4. Warms up pizza to look and taste new again and lots more. Now delv into the pizzeria pronto review to get more details. 

Before your buy…

Gas Burner not electric

This stovetop oven will not work well with an electric range or an induction burner. It works best with a gas range. And best the burner recommended must have an output of about 9500 – 1500 BTUs. The output will affect your preheating and cook time. If your burner’s output is higher you will just need to adjust accordingly. Some people may want to use this on their gas grill but you have to make sure you do not put it on the grill itself, but you can put it on the side burner of your gas grill and that should be fine. Just remember to watch out for any material that is not heat resistant.

Recommended Stove Top Design

This oven gets really hot and so it must fit perfectly on the burner and when on the burner it must not touch any material on your stove that can be destroyed by heat. For example, plastic knobs, or any other material or appliance. If your stove is also next to a countertop made with materials that are not heat resistant then you may consider ignoring this for now.
Stovetop Pizza Oven

You must make sure that the bottom of the oven sits securely on the burn if you will be using the stove type on the left. It must now touch the knob.

How to Cook Your Pizza

This oven is very easy to use, to start simply center the stovetop pizza oven on the gas burner and turn is on the medium-high. Shut the door of the oven and preheat for about 5 minutes.Depending on the BTU of your gas range you many need to preheat a bit longer.
This Pizzacraft stovetop Pizza oven has its own built in thermometer which helps to let you know when it’s best to start cooking your pizza. When the thermometer read ………… go ahead and put your pizza into the oven.
Use your pizza peel to place pizza inside the oven. Flour the pizza peel very well before placing the pizza on, that way your pizza will easily fall on the pizza stone and not stick to the pizza peel.
Cook for about 3 minutes and then use the pizza peel to lift the pizza off the pizza oven then give it a 180-degree turn so as to cook the other side and then place pizza back into the oven.
Always remember that this oven is hot so endeavor to use a heat gloves whenever you are using the oven.
Stovetop Pizza Oven

Frozen or not and even gluten free recipe

Some nights you when you don’t have the luxury of time to whip up a big dinner, You can also rely on this stovetop pronto oven. just bring out the frozen pizza from the freezer and cook on this pizzeria pronto oven. Any pizza recipe would work on this even the gluten free pizza.

Can it bake other things?

I won’t recommend it because the door is not tight. However, I would try making things like baguette or garlic bread on it and as you see the results you can make some adjustments or simply stick to the conventional oven.

Easy To Store?

If you are like me you want to make the best meals for your family but you still want your space to be nice and clutter free. This stovetop pizza oven is not just going to make cooking pizza easy but it will also make your life easy because when you are done using it you can easily store it away with your other pots or utensils. However, I also see this Oven doing the work of a microwave oven when it comes to warming up pastries. I will even try to make a pie with it to see the result. I can assure you that you will never warm your pizza in a microwave any longer. And that also means healthy.check price

Not too large nor too heavy

This oven is not going to take over your kitchen space like many table-top ovens. In short, it’s about the size of a large pot and so can be stored in the kitchen cabinet when not being used. It weighs 17.1lbs when still in packaging but without the package, it is 14.7lbs, not bad at all. That about half the size of your regular countertop microwave oven.  The dimensions are 14.2 x 6.7 x 16.9 inches. That’s about the same dimensions for your medium microwave only half the height.
The oven will give you a nice 12-inch pizza.

No more Soggy Pizza

One thing about stove top pizzas or rewarming pizzas in a microwave is that you have to be careful so that moisture from your pot lid does not drop on your pizza causing your pizza to be soggy. Guess what? You can say goodbye to soggy pizzas for life, whether you are making it from scratch or rewarming your pizza the moisture vent on this stovetop pizza oven will all the moisture to escape leaving your pizza very nice and yummy.
pizzeria pronto review

To Clean Your Stovetop Pizza Oven

I will recommend that you use your soft pizza stone brush (or any soft grill brush you own) to clean the stone after each use. That way you remove any crust crumbs or cheese build up before it becomes harder to clean. This way your stone will always be ready for you each time you want to. And again use a damp towel to wipe when cool (before and after each use).

What Comes in the Box?

The Oven is well packaged in a nice box and comes with the owners manual to help you and it should take you an average of 15mins to set up. The foldable pizza peel and soft brush by Pizzacraft do not come with the box. You would need to buy that separately.

Downside of the Oven

As usual, as I was doing this pizzeria pronto review, I also discovered that there are some cons to this nice product. And I have stated them below. Feel free to come back and leave your own pizzeria pronto review if you find any thing you don’t like about it. 

  • Price relatively high, it’s not really inexpensive but when you consider the money you will save on your utility bills if you have to preheat your conventional oven for long,   then you may consider grabbing this fast. Heats way faster than your oven and makes better pizza so why not?
  • Hot surface, just like most ovens you have to be careful when using this. In short, I would advise using a heat resistant gloves when cooking with it as the oven can become really hot.
  • No, it only works on the gas range, not on the electric stove.
  • Preheating & Cooking time frame. due to the fact that all stoves do not have the same output, you may need to discover the normal preheat and cook time with your stove. However, as soon as you get it then you can calculate better.
  • Only one pizza at a time. In a conventional oven, you can risk making 2 or more at once, but the result is not the same. If you are hosting a party or if you have a large family, I  will recommend you get all your pizzas ready and may be stored in the refrigerator while each one is cooked. Pizza making is always a fun thing in my home and for sure it helps the family to get together. Living your home with the nice aroma.
  • This pronto pizza oven is made in china. I would think the company is trying to cut cost in order for the end user to get a better price. But of course, that means some jobs that were supposed to be locally done are outsourced.

What are other people saying about the Pizzacraft PC0601 Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven?

“Just tried it out today and it worked great – fantastic, fast pizzas to feed the whole family.”

“Great product makes great pizza”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how well this pizza oven worked. I make pizza about twice a week and I’ve been making them for years usually on the grill outdoors and in the oven in the Winter. This stovetop pizza oven is much more convenient than heating up the oven.”

“I love this thing, it cooks the pizza perfectly. It might seem like a gimmick, but it’s not.”

Now you can have gourmet pizza even when you are in an off grid location or when you are trying to conserve energy. I always make my own pizza dough and freeze them in advance but you will cut your cook time in half if you get any of the pizza doughs in the grocery stores near you.
Well, that’s my pizzeria pronto review, I hope it helps you.

Where Can You Buy This Pizzeria Pronto Pizza Oven?

What I found out in doing the Stovetop Pizza Oven Review is that this stove top pizza oven is beginning to get into some stores but mostly you can find it and other accessories you need on Amazon. And with the price above $50 you also get it shipped to you for free.  Why not?  Want more of my reviews click here
 check price

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