What I Want For Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us again. I’m so excited particularly because it’s my favourite time of the year. There is just something unique about this season that I love – the gifts. I love gift shopping but most of all, I love to receive gifts!And I know everyone else does too.  So, that is why I’d like to talk about what I want for Christmas. I’m doing this so you can get some helpful gift ideas for yourself and possibly others. So, let’s get into it then.

What I Want For Christmas

Christmas, as we know it, is a traditional season of love that has transcended generations. Personally, I have observed that people are at their best in this season – most people willing to give more than they would at other times of the year. This tradition of giving has made this season one of the most profitable seasons. You should know that your choice of gift – just in case you decide to pick up a Christmas for someone else, says a lot about your personality and how you perceive the one you are gifting.

Now, before you start obsessing about getting the perfect gift, just take a deep breath and relax. Getting to know the person usually makes this process easier because you’d be able to find out what they need at the moment without so much stress compared to when you know little or nothing of the person. But sometimes, even with all the knowledge, it’s still hard to pinpoint which gift would be most appreciated by that person. I sometimes find myself wondering if what I have in mind to get my mum is ideal even when she is someone I know too well. Which is why I decided to do my own wishlist of what I want for Christmas. I mean, It’d make the process a whole lot easier if we’d all just write out our wishlist or perhaps, respond accordingly when asked. Even if I don’t end up getting all there is on my wishlist, I know I said it out loud at least. That counts for something.

Here Is My Own Wishlist – What I Want For Christmas

Waterless Cookware

Ever since Saladmaster did a presentation in my home a few years back, I’ve been secretly nursing the idea of purchasing one for myself. I mean, who doesn’t like healthier and tastier cooking? The benefits that come with a waterless cookware is irresistible. So, it is definitely No. 1 on my wishlist and I’m hoping that someone takes a cue from this and gets me one!

If you don’t know much about waterless cooking and its benefits, you can read it here.

Water Flosser

I don’t know if you know how messy and painful regular flossing can be. But, water flossing eliminates all that stress that regular flossing comes with and gives you a cleaner and fresher breath. I actually have used a water flosser before and I can tell you, that thing is just great. It was Waterpik Ultra actually. However, this would make a great present for me and perhaps my children. 

You can read out Best Water Flosser Review for more info.

If you love Jewelry, shoes or Perfume, here are a few ideas…



Hot Tub

Just a few weeks ago, I began talking about my desire to get a hot tub for myself which led me to begin a  review of top hot tub brands in the market. If you haven’t read those reviews yet, the best place to start will be the Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub. You should see if it is something you’d like to add to your wishlist. I’m definitely adding this to mine.

Here are other ideas on what I want for Christmas

I believe men might want something soothed to their taste. Gadgets is usually a safe place to start, and perhaps, ties, shirts, wristwatches, or even footwear.


If you love Apple Products…
Back Packs

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Perhaps you love Coffee
Toys for Kids


I feel it is necessary to mention that everyone does not have the same taste. For instance, someone who is a writer like myself may not value a writing pad as much as I would. Which is why you should have a sense of who the person is, and what they need at the moment. Just try to communicate to them what you’d like and observe/ask them what they’d like too. The process will be a whole lot easier that way.


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