Why is Saladmaster so expensive?

waterless cookware comparison, Why is Saladmaster so expensiveWhy is Saladmaster so expensive? Despite the fact that there are many alternatives, Saladmaster is still one of the most expensive cookware out there. This is the question in the minds of everyone who knows a thing or two about waterless cookware. Perhaps, you are planning to purchase one for yourself and you’re also wondering, why is Saladmaster so expensive? I remember asking myself the same question. I’d like to address this issue in the best way I can. Unlike the Saladmaster representatives, I’m not trying to get you to buy one. I’m only answering the question that is on your mind as well as others looking to purchase waterless cookware. As much as I love to chose the best product for my family, as much as I want the best choice for the health of my loved ones, I also don’t like to feel like I am wasting money.


Why is Saladmaster so expensive?

Let me begin by stating the obvious. The first thing that sets Saladmaster apart from other cookware is the material used in constructing it. Other competing brands such as Maxam and 360 Cookware, are made from T304 which is a high-quality surgical stainless-steel. However, Saladmaster is constructed from American and Swiss 316 TI Surgical Steel, which is said to be the highest grade of surgical steel. I’m yet to see any kitchenware brand that uses this material in construction. 316Ti technology combines 316 Stainless Steel with Titanium.

The company says that 316TI Surgical Steel will not chemically react with your food whilst other materials would. I don’t know if you know this but they usually do a pot test whenever they come to advertise their product. They do the test using Baking Soda and water to prove to you that unlike other products, theirs doesn’t leach into your food. This means that with Saladmaster, you are eating healthy and not eating your cookware.

However, this is also promised in other waterless cookware like Maxam. And though I know Maxam is not of the same quality, I also know that it’s much better than the non-stick pots and other stainless steel pots out there. With Maxam, you also get quality for your money but at a fraction of Saladmaster. So is Saladmaster worth buying? Yes, it is, but Maxam will give you almost the same results.

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Another thing that seems to give Saladmaster an edge over its competitors is the fact that Saladmaster 316TI Surgical Steel truly provides a nonstick, nontoxic surface that allows you to cook healthier and tastier meals without oil or water. Most of the other competing cookware may encounter some difficulty in delivering on their No water, No oil promise. However, the Molybdenum in Saladmaster makes it a smooth finish for nonstick cooking [it doesn’t stick] and it’s very easy to clean.

Another major reason is that the company takes pride in the fact that they manufacture locally. Saladmaster cookware is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Other answers to the question, why is Saladmaster so expensive are,

  • Locking lids on each pot and pan for extra cooking security and ease of transport
  • Unique vapor-valve technology enables easier and quicker to steam your food
  • 100% hot and cold resistant pot and pan handles

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This is definitely a stronger cookware set. It is able to handle the commercial cooking. Those chefs who cater to a large audience find it easier to work with. That’s why it may be easier for the high-end restaurant to invest in this Saladmaster cookware because of the better and healthier food you can make from the piece. I think Saladmaster uses fear of health hazards to lure people into purchasing their product through their “home demo”. Who wouldn’t want to get something that promises zero health risks? In spite of their strategy, I think it would be a great idea if you purchase one for yourself if you have the funds for it. But if you don’t, relax! There are other high-quality brands that can give you the same result at a more affordable cost. Click here to find Saladmaster Alternatives.

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  1. I bought a salad master in 1999. I was told you can cook without water or no oil. I cooked the fish, fish stick to the pan. I put water inside the pan for over night so that I can clean the pan. At that time I called the sales lady who sold me and the one who represented at my house, they told me different to what they told me when they are selling me the product, They told me that you have to put a little oil or water. My advice don’t buy this product it is scam & you can not returned it.

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