Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews: Read This Before Buying

Just a few months ago I had no idea that Waterless Cookware existed neither did I know I would write this Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews. But then I met this guy that came with his Salad Master team to do a presentation in my home. They did some waterless cooking and truly the food looked and tasted Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviewsmuch different. However, I still can’t justify spending so much on cookware. Almost $3000? Naaa!!!

After much research though, I discovered that there are many really nice Waterless cookware out there that will give you healthy cooking for a fraction of the price of Saladmaster Cookware set.

The Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element Surgical-Stainless-Steel Waterless Cookware Set stood out as the best surgical stainless steel cookware. Maxam Cookware manufacturer, Maxam, is not just another company on the list. It is a brand that many kitchen enthusiasts, wives, chefs and even outdoor junkies are crazy about. Maxam Cookware Manufacturer is well known for their amazing knife designs and their use of high-quality stainless. Although most of their products are meant for outdoor use, Maxam has several pretty amazing kitchenware products. Some of their products from Maxam Cookware Manufacturer include Maxam KT17, Maxam 9-element cookware, Maxam SKJSK Survival Knife amongst others. For more information on their products, you can visit Maxam cookware website.

I have decided to add my Maxam Waterless Cookware reviews here on WiBi for those of you that are looking for healthier and easier cooking options. So, here it goes.

What’s So Special About Waterless Cookware?

Traditionally, cooking is usually done in water.  At least, that is how we were raised to do it. However, too much water spoils a cook’s best efforts to prepare healthy meals. Most nutrients are lost while cooking in water, as well as the flavor of food. Waterless cookware helps you cook healthier meals while saving time, money and energy. This cookware avoids losing the natural nutrients of the food by using the food’s natural juices to cook. Your vegetables and several other foods contain plenty of water, thus they can cook perfectly in their own juices.

The great thing about this cooking method is that you use less heat and less time, thus retaining more of the natural flavor and nutrients of the food. The cookware is also easy to clean since the heat is evenly distributed and there is no burning or sticking.

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The simple way to say summarize is this: Cooking with waterless cookware saves you time, effort and money while giving you the healthiest and tastiest meal you have ever had.

Basically, it uses a steam control valve on its lid to lock the steam inside the pot thereby steaming the food. This way you only need little or no water to cook. So instead of deep frying your chicken in oil or boiling your vegetables in a pool of water, you only cook them by steaming. This helps to retain vitamins, flavor, and nutrients in the food, giving you healthier results.

Features of Maxam KT17

If you are looking to get a quality Waterless cookware for your kitchen, Maxam KT17 is a great starting point. It is not as expensive as Saladmaster but I assure you that it is just as good. A lot of customers who use Maxam KT17 have had nothing but wonderful things to say about it, although a few others think otherwise. Here are some of its interesting features:

Maxam Cookware has the Highest Quality  of Steam Control

If you are reading this you are most likely looking to buy a good Waterless maxam waterless cookwareCookware, one of the important questions to ask is how good is the steam control valve. The precision-formed rim and cover of the Maxam Element Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware create a seal while you cook. This is a major promise – being able to retain steam inside the pot. Therefore the stronger the steam control the easier it is for the cookware to function effectively. Maxam promises the highest steam control available in the market.Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews

The indicator tells you when to reduce or increase heat.

There is a light flutter on the cover of the Maxam Waterless Cookware that tells you when it is time to reduce the heat to low. And because of the extra thick bottom of the cookware, it is able to store heat allowing you to reduce the heat as you finish cooking your food.

It’s the best brand surgical Stainless Steel Cookware

Maxam waterless cookwareThe heavier a pot is the better it is, Yes, And the same rule applies to waterless cookware. In short, it is another important factor. The Extra heavy stainless steel enables heat to spread evenly. Apart from its “healthy cooking, tastier meals” advantage, Maxam KT17 is made of the highest quality stainless steel [surgical] called T304. If not for this Maxam Waterless cookware reviews I would not have discovered T304. Anyways, this is the highest quality stainless steel used in the steel world. It is super tough and nearly impervious to rust. It also has a 9-element encapsulated base with a thick aluminum disc for heat conduction and distribution. The extra-thick impact-bonded bottom assures fast and even heating with no hot spots!

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And since this is about cooking with very low heat, this cookware also encourages one to stack cook efficiently. I can easily call this the best surgical Stainless Steel Cookware.

Stack Cooking will save you money

Often times, I want to cook Rice, some chicken, and a few vegetables; the good news with stack cooking is that you can prepare a different meal in different cookware and stack them on top of each other. Think about it, you prepare 3 different food, using a single stove burner. You will also save on your energy bills as well. And help the planet as well. Maxam waterless Cookware

No Oil-healthy cooking

Everyone is trying to be health conscious these days. I also discovered while doing this Maxam Waterless Cookware reviews that this cookware helps to contribute towards your goal of living longer. Not only will you not add oil to cook with the Maxam Waterless Cookware, you also extract unnecessary oil from your food. When you use the Maxam Waterless Cookware to cook your chicken, you will see the oil come out of the chicken. This might even help to cut down on some of your health bills; healthy eating – healthy lives.

Classy Finish

Personally, I love to cook, but for some reason, I am very lazy when it comes to serving the food. So you will likely find my cookware on my dining table. The mirror finish exterior forms a classic design elegant enough Maxam Waterless cookwareto go from stovetop to dinner table. Turning your cookware into beautiful dishes so that you look classy when guests are around but you don’t have to complain (too much) over a number of cleanups you need to do after they leave. That’s another reason why I think this is the best surgical Stainless Steel Cookware on the market.

No more Burns

I can’t count the number of times I used to burn myself when cooking with my Master Chef Stainless steel cookware, after switching from electric to a gas stove. The handles were extremely hot and each time I forget so I hold them and burn myself. This can happen at least 2 times a day. I actually had to keep a tube of polysporin burns ointment permanently close by. Well, guess what? With the Maxam Waterless Cookware, you won’t need to treat any burns because you won’t have them. The beautifully designed handles are heat resistant and also resistant to cold. Plus it doesn’t matter what detergent you use, they will be just fine. I am so happy I discovered that when doing this Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews. It means long life to me 🙂

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Other advantages I found doing this Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews

  • It has an Easy-to-clean satin polish interiors – cleaning time cut down as you will no longer burn your food.
  • Easy to store the covers in the set, this helps manage your kitchen storage.
  • There is a limited lifetime warranty on this cookware

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What’s Included

  • 3.2qt Saucepan with Cover
  • 2.5qt Saucepan with Cover
  • 1.7qt Saucepan with Cover
  • Large Skillet with Helper Handles and Cover
  • 7.5qt Roaster with Dome Cover
  • Egg Poaching Rack with 5 Egg Cups
  • Steamer Insert
  • Dome cover for roaster and skillet
  • Flat cover for roaster and skillet

What are others saying:

Here are a few comments from people about the Maxam Waterless Cookware:

  1. Excellent cookware set.
  2. it cooks fast, just keep the lids on and put in low heat.
  3. Awesome and came in beautiful condition, and quite fast. I just love this cookware.
  4. durable, heavy, double layer

The downside:

In doing this Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews, I have also discovered that there is something to be careful about when using your cookware. They are:

  • There are small pieces of this cookware and therefore you will need to handle them with care when cleaning and when storing.
  • The pots can be cleaned in the dishwasher but the cover must be hand washed to minimize the chances of some of the little part breaking off.
  • This pot can work like a non-stick however it’s not, it doesn’t have the coats like non-stick usually has. To avoid sticking to the bottom of the pot you should keep an eye on the heat.

Maxam Waterless Cookware Replacement Parts & Warranty

This cookware has a lifetime warranty, in my findings its normal for people that got this more than 10 years ago to still be using the same cookware. A lady reported that hers had always worked well for more than 10 years and they are still working well, her daughter’s developed a fault on the lid and Maxam warranty replaced it for her after about 10 years.  Another lady talked about having her’s for 12 years after which she noticed a liquid substance oozing out of the bottom of the pot one day while being used. Her problem is that since she has had it for 12 years, she has no idea where the warranty papers are.

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For warranty, what I generally do is keep a warranty folder. That way no matter how long a product lasts you will still have all the documents you need including the receipt.

Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews

Maxam Waterless Cookware Vs Saladmaster Cookware

SaladMaster claims to be the best but at the cost of your next house down payment. Maxam Waterless cookware competes well with Saladmaster but for a little fraction of the cost. In order words when comparing Saladmaster vs Maxam waterless cookware or Maxam vs saladmaster, I am sure that Saladmaster is better but Maxam cookware is way better than most stainless steel cookware out there. And since maxam give you better food for a fraction of the price, I think most people would rather choose Maxam over saladmaster.

Where to Buy?

You may be able to find this cookware at a local store near you but for the convenience of online buying and with free shipping I believe you have enough options to choose from. Also buying the set is usually better than buying each piece separately. One set of pot and lid can easily be a third of the price of the whole set. I am really glad I say the saladmaster presentation, I would not have embarked on this Maxam waterless cookware reviews.

Maxam Waterless Cookware Reviews