Be informed before you buy…

I know how hard it is to decide on which product to say yes to and which to away from. Of course, I do, after donating all my ‘I really didn’t need this’ product over and over. Now before I purchase anything I take my time to find out the good and the bad of each item before proceeding. This thorough research gives me the confidence that I am not wasting my money.
Therefore, I also educate my friends before they make major purchases. Then one day it hit me, why don’t I put them all in one place. That way I just need to share the link and not have to do the talk over and over. And then maybe it can help others out there.


Stovetop Pizza OvenStovetop Pizza Oven

You dream of making pizzeria pizza at home? Forget your conventional oven and go for this Stovetop Pizza Oven by Pizzacraft. Read the detailed review here. 

 waterless cookwareMaxam Waterless Cookware

Are you shopping for a Waterless Cookware Set? This Maxam Waterless Cookware Review contains is all you need to know in order to choose wisely. Read more here. 

Waterless Cookware Comparison

Also, I am sure you would love to see a range of top pick waterless cookwares in the market to choose from. When I discovered Waterless cookwares I was really fascinated that they existed. And so I want you to explore. You may even want more on Maxam vs saladmaster. With this, you can easily make up your mind. Read more here. 

Waterpik Water Flosser

Waterpik Water flosser is one of my best investments in dental hygiene. You save on dental visits and have peace of mind concerning your denture. Read more here.




Btw. I am fondly called Ajenje by my Dad. It’s a pet name for a small child or last child as I am the last of 8 siblings.  I love the name and so I give you permission to call me Ajenje 😉

Any product review you find here is from hours, days, weeks and months of research. I put everything you need to know on each page and I also update each review as soon as I get a new information about the product. So you can rest assured you are getting the advice I give to myself and my loved ones. You will find products ranging from Waterless Cookware to Pizza oven. If there is a product you really want to know more about, feel free to tell me about it.