All-Clad vs Saladmaster

why-is-saladmaster-so-expensiveI have always wanted to do the All-Clad Vs Saladmaster review, so here is it. I don’t think it’d be wrong to say that Saladmaster and All-Clad are cookware on the high price side compared to other similar cookware. If we choose to compare the 2 we can be looking at comparing the cost, but can we compare them in quality of materials used in making them and cost? Do they offer the same quality of service? There’s been a lot of buzzes online about this cookware and I think it is worth looking into, hence All-Clad vs Saladmaster.

Normal cookwares like aluminum pot, non-stick pots, and some others also secrets poisonous substances to your food. Waterless pots are made from a very quality, high-grade stainless steel. This kind of material isn’t one that is corrosive or toxic in any way plus it’s so easy to clean and handle. If you haven’t heard about Waterless cooking, don’t worry. You can read about it here.

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What is so great about All-Clad? – All-Clad vs Saladmaster


If you are willing to pay a large sum for your pots and pans, the All-Clad Stainless-Steel Copper Core cookware would make a wonderful addition to your kitchenware. All-Clad is a household name for quality but expensive cookware. Even the lowest end of their product range will cost you much more than what you would typically pay for some other brands like Maxam or even Cuisinart. So, the question in this All-Clad vs Saladmaster waterless cookware comparison is, should you upgrade to All-Clad? Is there a unique reason for that?

One great quality of All-Clad is the blend of Stainless-Steel and Copper material used in its construction. We all know that such a material is very durable as they can last for a long time. All-Clad Stainless-Steel Copper Core cookware as the name implies has a copper core. Copper is known for its superior heat conductivity and combined with the aluminum layers, the cookware is designed for rapid and even heat distribution. This simply means that you can cook healthy meals more quickly than you would with a conventional cookware. Other amazing qualities include,

  • Stainless-steel interior provides an ideal cooking surface that does not react to food and it is easy to clean.
  • The magnetic exterior makes it induction stove compatible. The edges of the pots and pans are rolled for drip-free pouring.
  • Lids and handles are made of stainless steel. Its handles on the lids are of a loop design and easy to grip. Also, the long stick handles are riveted to the pans and stay cool on the stove top.
  • The pieces are oven-safe up to 800°F.

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What’s So Great about Saladmaster? – Saladmaster vs All-Clad


Another very expensive brand, I must say! I’d recommend this cookware for those who cook often, say, chefs, who like to make sure that their foods are as rich as the cookware used in preparing them. I did an article answering the question, why is Saladmaster so expensive? You should take a look. Some outstanding qualities of this cookware are its locking lids which keep your food safe and intact during transport, the heat and cold resistant handles which allows you to hold the cookware without fear of burns.

Also, what makes this cookware truly stand out is the material used in constructing it. Other competing brands such as Maxam and 360 Cookware, are made from T304 which is a high-quality surgical stainless-steel. However, Saladmaster is constructed from American and Swiss 316 TI Surgical Steel, which is said to be the highest grade of surgical steel. I’m yet to see any kitchenware brand that uses this material in construction. 316Ti technology combines 316 Stainless Steel with Titanium.

The company says that 316TI Surgical Steel will not chemically react with your food whilst other materials would. I don’t know if you know this but they usually do a pot test whenever they come to advertise their product. They do the test using Baking Soda and water to prove to you that unlike other products, theirs doesn’t leach your food. This means that with Saladmaster, you are eating healthy and not eating your cookware. It is also nonstick and has a unique vapor-valve technology enables easier and quicker to steam your food.

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All-Clad vs Saladmaster Cookware – Conclusion

To wrap my Saladmaster vs All-Clad review up, I’d say that both cookware brands are unique in their own way however, they are outrageously expensive. One thing that makes All-Clad a bit of a downer is the fact that it isn’t a waterless cookware. Its handles are also not as comfortable as Saladmaster. But here’s the thing. Some customers who have used both products say you can use the waterless cooking technique in a cookware as high quality as All-Clad. The only difference may be that All-Clad may not be as air-tight as Saladmaster or Maxam. And the material used in waterless cookware allows you to have tastier meals and eliminate the additional stress you might have while using copper cookware. Other than that, they both seem to be able to do the same things.

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Their thick core allows for even distribution of heat. They both use low moisture, low heat to cook healthy meals and they are pretty fast too. Also, they are both on the high side in terms of cost. If you had to choose, I don’t see any harm in going for All-Clad. They are just as healthy to me and they have lots of good recommendations as well.

Personally, I’d say go for Saladmaster if you have the money for a waterless cookware since they both cost a fortune. You will just be eliminating the stress of having to use the waterless cooking technique in an almost-waterless cookware. All-Clad Copper Core Cookware is great in terms of heat responsiveness and the option of being induction compatible. It is also just as healthy.

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