Best Time To Buy A Hot Tub

When is the best time to buy a hot tub? I know a lot of people like myself are probably wondering and asking the same question. Here’s the thing: the answer to this question is dependent on several factors. For instance, if you want to consider the cost – buying when the price is lowest, it just might not match up with the weather.  However, what most people like myself look out for is cost. When is it least expensive? Let’s find out. 

Best Time to Buy A Hot Tub

The best time to buy a hot tub is fall season. Usually, hot tubs sales begin in spring – September – when customers start venturing into their backyards and end sometime around the end of fall/beginning of winter. During this time, starting in September, you’d find retailers looking to clear out their excess inventory – they offer discounts on what’s available. So if you want to get a hot tub at a low price, it’d be great to go in within this period.

Stores, during this period, clear out inventory they carry during their season as it is often being financed and they will soon start paying interest on what has not sold. So as fall progresses and also the sale of the inventory progresses, they may keep increasing the discount until and sometimes into winter, so that they can clear out their inventory and make space for new ones. I would say wait for it to come down but don’t wait too long else you lose it.  Also, a disadvantage of waiting for the discount to keep going up is that the variety of selection available for purchase will keep getting fewer.

Just so you know

I should mention that the stores only sell what is available. If you need one ordered from the factory, you should have your money and patience available. By patience, I mean you should be willing to wait for it to be delivered to you. Most high-quality manufacturers shut down production sometime during December and during the holidays to do clean up and retooling of their manufacturing facility. So, I’d advise that you settle for what’s available and affordable.

Here’s a quick tip. January is not the best time to buy a hot tub. Purchases like that shouldn’t be made at the beginning of the year. 

Just in case you are interested in getting pre-owned hot tubs and you are looking for great discounts, you should ask the salesperson in that store if they have anything in the store that fit your specification. You should ask if they have any that are is damaged or 2nds (returned products). Definitely, not all stores offer this so it’s best that you should ask questions first.  And if they do, they are usually some of the best prices you can find.

Seasons – Best Time to Buy A Hot Tub


During Summer, you can get a hot tub right in your backyard for social purposes, especially for barbecues. It’s a hot weather so it’d be a great way to take the edge off. You can even use your hot tub as a small pool. The only thing is that you won’t heat it so that it can be cool and refreshing for you, family and friends.


We all know that hot tubs don’t do well in the backyard during winter so it’d be best to get one that you can easily set up within the house. Or one that you can easily move around – portable, preferably an inflatable hot tub. You can get outside, stretch and relax in comfort. Some hot tubs have control panels that can be programmed for cold weather and have energy-efficient settings. Also, they can hold in heat which makes it energy efficient.


Most people venture into backyard sales of hot tubs, spas, and other things. Now would be a great time not only to look out for the prices but to look at the features. I’d rather go for something that gives me comfort and is pricey than something that’s not too costly with fewer features.

I should tell you that this is a great time to plan for a new hot tub. New models come out around this time, so you can be the first to see the latest and greatest features. Be sure to always ask if they have anything in stock because while it may not be as big of a discount as you may find at the end of the year when combined with all the extras you get with the purchase, it can often add up to more overall savings. Plus, you’ll be able to get outside and design your dream backyard.


Well, kids go back to school during this period. So you can take time out and relax – you get to enjoy plenty of “me” time after a long day at work.

Final Thoughts

I hope I did answer your question. And personally, I’d go for a hot tub in the fall season. Not only would I have a wide variety to choose from, it’s easier to get a better discount. So, you should choose what suits you.

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