Reviews: Best bibles for kids – boys and girls

Looking for the best bibles for kids – boys and girls?

Search no further. Here is a review of what I believe is a major player on the Best bibles for kids – boys and girls list. It has been a great addition to our family. I have done a video below to tell you more about our experience so far. And in all my conclusion is certain that the CEB Deep Blue Bibles series are the best Bibles for kids – boys and girls. After the video below,  I have also describe what I think will help you decide on which way to go.

From day one, I had always desired that my boys would love God’s words as much as I do (at least)
Sbest bibles for kids - boys and girlso when I attended a ladies conference that had a nice book stand with a good collection of kids bible, I knew I needed to pick one for my then 6yr old. And I must say I fell in love with this deep blue Bible for boys and girls. My son is very inquisitive and so I was so sure he would love this bible. He was just becoming a good reader at the point and so it was for him love at first bibles for kids - boys and girls

Up till today, he carries the bible everywhere. Watch the video to know more about my experience.


Before buying another bible, You must read further down in this review I call the best bibles for kids- boys and girls.

If you are looking for the number one bible to buy for a boy or a girl, then I will recommend to you that you look no further because this is by far the best bible for kids.

Kids Love It

From the moment I brought this bible home from the conference, my boys were very excited. It was originally meant for the 2 of them. My almost 6 then and the 2.5 year old. However, because big brother was already starting to read, it automatically became his. He carried it everywhere. Of course the first love was for the right to ownership.

Prior to this, we had been using during our family devotion and he also owned a few children’s bible before that. So he was already familiar to the bible stories and videos. He was also beginning to realize that there is a difference between the children’s bible and the real bible. So he was really happy to finally get a real bible.

Very Engaging & interactive

This bible is really cool. With some amazing kids characters reading along and discovering God’s words together, it was love at first sight. Adults love study bibles because the additions make the bible come alive and relevant to people’s lives. As soon as your kids find this bible, they will find that the content is engaging and hardly would they want to drop part with it.

Reading the bible created a reading habit in him. He would take his bible to the washroom and forget himself there. Many times I will be looking for him around the house and find him in the washroom completely lost in God’s words. Its really fun to see. As kids go through this bible, they seem to be interacting with this other characters in the scriptures.

Bet You Can!

All through the CEB Deep Blue bible, there is this section called bet you can. It gives you a portion of the scriptures to read within a specific time say 2 minutes. He loves it. He would time himself and race through reading it. Its truly fun. And this is one of the reason I am convinced that this is ones of the best bibles for kids – boys and girls.

Many of Their Questions Answered

This bible is full of great practical devotional notes. Because the bible was written long ago, the english structure can be a bit boring to younger readers. However, this bible makes it fun for kids and even adults. Many of the facts that are hard to explain are clearly explained in this bible. For sure it catches the attention of my boys. It has many bible trivia and other interactive elements to attract boys’ and girls’ inquisitive minds.


Did you know?

This a section that tell you more about the bible days, helping your child understand the context surrounding each portion.

This bible is similar to a real study bible only that its made for bibles for kids - boys and girls

I have found myself even as an adult reading this bible and really enjoying it.

Truly Best Bibles for kids – boys and girls

So again, if you wanted to know the best bible for kids – boy and girl, you have found it. It can serve as a birthday gift, christmas gift or even and school or church gift.

Of course you don’t need an occasion to encourage a child develop a serious desire for God’s words. You will be glad you did.

Just Bought Another Copy

This bible is available in printed paperback, hardcover, imitation leather, and DecoTone bindings. Ages 7–12 are recommended to use this bible but thats actually their thoughts because I just purchased another copy of the same bible for my younger son. And boy does he love his new bible. He is 6 years old. The same age his big brother was when he got his.

He had some work to get done over the summer vacations and I promised to get him his bible if he can finish the vacation activities. I ordered it and only gave it to him after he finished his work. He was so excited. His was not the leather back like his brother.

Now when you see the 2 boys, you see each with their bible. They do all the interactive elements together now. They learn memory verses.

Now during our family devotion they each read out loud from their own bibles, definitely a keeper on the Best bibles for kids – boys and girls list.

Get them excited about God’s word

This bibles come in the CEB (common English bible) translation.when I was going to pick out this bible, the first thing I did was to read a few familiar scriptures inside. Example John 3:16,  Genesis 1:1, John 1:1. This is the way I choose my bibles always. I want to see how each bible translate the verses I am familiar with. I use that to know how close to King James Version it is.  In this case I also check Songs of Solomon. That is a romantic book in the bible. I wanted to know how clear it will be for the boys. And I must say that it was easy to read so I knew it would be the perfect bible to get my kids excited about God’s word.

Downside to this Bible

Though I believe this is one of the Best bibles for kids – boys and girls, I think there is a down side to it; the only thing I have notice is not too bad but it is that CEB is not really a common translation of the bible. Though I am turning many parents around me into fans for the deep blue bible, others kids in church that already have bibles come with other translations like KJV, NLT, NIV…I completely think that kids must have the easy to read translations or they will be bored reading the bible and loose interest completely. So I recommend this bible and the CEB Translation. My boys now know many of their memory verses in CEB translation which is good all the same.

Where to Buy it

You can get this best bibles for kids – boys and girls at most books stores and also on amazon using the link below.

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