Waterless Cookware Comparison – Best Waterless Cookware Brands

I wrote this list of the best waterless cookware brands because people are always looking for a way to cook good and healthy food for themselves and their family members. When I discovered Waterless cookware in the like of Maxam Waterless Cookware, I was really fascinated that they existed.

The Waterless Cookware Comparison-best waterless cookware brands

I was first introduced to the Salad Master systems. Saladmasters’ style is the home presentation that convinces you that waterless cooking is best for your health. They show you that different metals that we cook with introducing chemicals into your food. Normal cookwares like aluminum pot, non-stick pots, and some others also secrets poisonous substances to your food. For example, the material used to make nonstick the way it is is the same that is used to preserve a dead body from deteriorating. Definitely poisonous for consumption. I also did a saladmaster vs maxam review already. Before we dig in, let’s talk about waterless cooking.

Waterless Cooking

Can you cook without water? Yes! You most certainly can. Some foods like vegetables and meat naturally have their own water content, therefore, they can cook perfectly in their own “water”. This is called Waterless Cooking. While it may be stale news to some of you reading this and an interesting new discovery for others who probably haven’t heard of such, I still am glad to be the one presenting this amazingly healthier and tastier way of preparing your meals.

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Waterless Cooking simply means cooking with no water. Ever notice that you have to keep adding water to your food to make it get softer and edible to your taste? Well, that is an unhealthy way of cooking because not only does it reduce the flavor of the food, the nutrients go away with the water while you cook. So here before your eyes is a better option that saves time, energy and even your life as well. I know right? You will be able to eat healthier and tastier meals than what you are normally used to. Some of your food may still require minimal water to cook since they naturally don’t have their own juice but I assure you that it won’t be as much as the water we add when cooking our foods the traditional way we are used to. Waterless Cooking is most certainly the way to go this time!

Waterless Pots

With waterless cooking being the new queen of the kitchen, waterless pots are becoming more and more in demand. Lots and lots of women flood the internet looking for the best ones available. Here is why they are in such high demand. Waterless pots are made from a very quality, high-grade stainless steel. This kind of material isn’t one that is corrosive or toxic in any way plus it’s so easy to clean and handle. You probably must have seen the term surgical stainless steel scattered everywhere when you try doing a search for waterless cookware. This is the highest grade of stainless steel usually used in the medical field so this should tell you about its quality and why it’s so expensive. Not all Waterless pots are made of this kind of material and the other type of stainless steel used is just as healthy and durable as well.

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During the heating process, the lid forms a seal, locking in the natural moisture from the food. The only time you perceive the aroma of the food is if the heat is too much. However, the nature of the Stainless Steel and the iron core used in waterless pots make it possible for a constant cooking temperature to be maintained, even with the heat turned off. It may take you a little while to get used to cooking this way, but once you do, you’ll love it and recommend it to others. Waterless Cooking Pans usually come in the set along with other sizes of pots. They also take part in the “no water, no grease” code. This means that for foods that naturally have their own juices, say chicken, you don’t need the extra help from water or grease. However, a minimum amount of grease is used for foods that do not have their own juice, take eggs for instance.

Why Compare?

The increasing popularity of Waterless cookware is not surprising, though they don’t come cheap the several advantages they provide satisfies the users. Hence why studying waterless cookware brand reviews and doing an extensive waterless cookware comparison would be imperative.

The truth is that you don’t just need to find the best waterless cookware but also a set that is affordable. Waterless cookware comparison often gets complicated because of the diverse sets that are available right now.

You obviously cannot conduct unlike waterless cookware brand comparison, you cannot put a twelve-piece set against a five-piece set, you cannot club cookware meant for different kinds of preparations or recipes. Hence it is important that you consider some of the best waterless cookware depending on your needs and then you pick a reasonable one.

In this waterless cookware brands reviews, I have put together five of the best waterless cookware in terms of sheer popularity and sales which is directly related to customer satisfaction. There are substantial discounts too that would make these sets affordable. Without the discounts, many can deem the pretty high prices of many of the best waterless cookware brands unaffordable.

Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element Surgical-Stainless-Steel Waterless Cookware Set

[/easyazon_link]Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element Surgical-Stainless-Steel Waterless Cookware Set is a bestseller right now. It has been on the top of the category on Amazon for some time. Maxam had originally priced the set at $1,595.00. With discounts, you can get the price down to $242.32 and get free shipping. The discount is subject to change so you really need to check at the time of purchasing. Also, the stock is always limited so you need to move at the right time.

This 17 piece set of steam control waterless cookware sports reliable stainless steel construction. The company vouches for durability and claim the set would last a lifetime if not longer. There has been very few, almost nonexistent, negative reviews of the brand or the set in particular. The pieces are resistant to corrosion, temperature, dents, and stains. The steel is easy to clean and the material doesn’t interfere with the flavor of the recipes you would try.

There are steam control valves. The construction and design facilitate even dissipation of heat and meals are fairly quick and easy to cook. How the pieces would respond over years of use is hard to presume. Stack cooking is quite easy using this cookware. The exteriors of the pieces have mirror finish while the interiors sport satin finish. The handles are nicely styled and they don’t get hot or cold. The handles are also resistant to detergents.

There is a limited lifetime warranty on this piece. For the stated reasons and more, I have decided to admit that This Maxam Waterless cookware is number one in my Waterless cookware comparison. I have previously done a detailed analysis of the Maxam Waterless Cookware and you can read more here

17pc Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set by Sterlings  best waterless cookware brands

[/easyazon_link]Sterlingcraft sells the 17pc Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set at $173.30 and there is a shipping charge of $17.22. This is the discounted price. The pieces are very well designed and detailed. The craftsmanship would become obvious the moment you set your eyes on this waterless cookware set. Made of heavy gauge stainless steel (T304), there is no question about the durability or the performance of the cookware set. There are phenolic handles that are heat resistant and the heavy-duty rivets are capped with stainless steel. The exteriors have a mirror finish and the interiors have satin polish. Both the interiors and exteriors are easy to clean. The self-storing covers are really handy. The manufacturer offers limited lifetime warranty on the 17pc cookware set. Therefore, I have decided to admit that Waterless cookware by Sterlingscraft is number two on my Waterless cookware comparison.

Chef’s Secret 28pc 12-Element T304 Stainless Steel
waterless cookware brands

Chef sells this set for under $200. There are many sellers offering this set right now on Amazon so there are various prices. Expect to pay anywhere from $160 to more than $190 depending on the choice of seller. This is one of the more affordable sets among the best waterless cookware but it does have fewer pieces. The interiors and exteriors are same as that of Maxam and Sterlingcraft. The Chef’s set is made of T304 stainless steel as is obvious from the name. There are steam control knobs on top. The stainless steel bowls in the set can be used as boilers and also cover the dome when roasting using the stove top.

This 12 pc set includes a 1.5 qt saucepan and 1.5 qt stockpot, both with cover. There is a 2 qt stockpot, a 3 qt stockpot and a 6 qt stockpot, all with covers. The 10-1/2″ fry pan comes with a helper handle and a cover. The set also has a 9-3/8” and an 11” mixing bowl, both with polypropylene covers, there is an 8-3/4” steamer basket, a 7-7/8” deep fry basket and a pan top grater, all with handles and the latter with an adapter ring, phenolic trivet, and suction knob. The kit is complete with 4 pc set of measuring spoons. There is a limited lifetime warranty. And that’s why this by the chef is number three on my waterless cookware comparison.

28pc. 12Ply T304 Stainless Steel, Waterless Cookware set NEW!!
best waterless cookware

WEWHA SHOP offers this 28-piece cookware set at as low as $210. Most sellers are charging more than that so you need to look for the best deal. This is the cheapest price right now and there is a shipping charge of $4.99. There are clearly more pieces than the other sets we have talked about. This doesn’t make it the absolute best waterless cookware. This is where waterless cookware comparison becomes a bit tricky. The T304 stainless steel grade puts this in the same club as the Sterlingcraft and the Chef sets. But when you engage in waterless cookware brand comparison you ought to check the waterless cookware brands reviews from consumers or cooks. This would be number 4 on the list.

This set is good for various types of dishes but you would notice the lack of detail or design components that set the likes of Maxam apart.

360 Cookware Premium Waterless Stainless Steel Essential 4pc Box Set
waterless cookware comparison

360 Cookware has pegged this set at $399.00. You can bag some discount and get it at $279.00 with free shipping. This is another best seller among the best waterless cookware. The pieces boast of cladding 3 ply construction with 110-gauge thickness, perfect for vapor cooking. You can avoid using any water and oil, cook at a brisk time-saving energy and you can create some of the healthiest meals you can have. The sleek designs, the attention to detail and the durability of the pieces in this set would certainly impress any and sundry. The real trouble is the price. It is one of the priciest among the best waterless cooker. For four pieces you are expected to pay a substantially high price, almost a hundred bucks a piece. The last on my waterless cookware comparison is actually one of the best. More on 360 Cookware reviews here

LifeTime Pots and Pans

Although Lifetime Pots and Pans are not the most sought-after brand in the cookware world, they still offer a healthy way of cooking. Lifetime Pots and Pans can be used to for all kinds of cooking but it is specifically for waterless cooking. Cooking food in the traditional way usually requires you to peel and then cook in water and excessive heat, this destroying food nutrients. So after all that stress in the kitchen, you end up with not much left of the nutrients your body needs.

In Conclusion

There are other waterless cookware brands but most have limited sets to offer. The assessment of multiple waterless cookware brands or should I say waterless cookware comparison would not be exhaustive. However, you should focus on the reliability of the pieces. There have been some complaints pertaining to many brands, that their cookware gets too hot or the handles come off, the valves don’t control steam as effectively as they should and other hiccups. You need to pick up the best waterless cookware that will suit your style and kind of cooking. You should also try to balance the cost and quality. It is very easy to pick some premium cookware when you can shell out a thousand or so but you need to stay in the realms of reasonability.

Also wondering if you have had any home display of the expensive Saladmaster cookware? Well, that thing is good but very expensive. I did a comparison of saladmaster vs maxam here. You need to take a look as well.

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  1. Thanks for the in-depth research on WATERLESS cookware sets that are still available,…One ? Though Since The Original Kitchen Craft Waterless wasn’t included in the review does that they’re not still in Production? MY Mom’s stolen from the church by Some Ungodly volunteer, at a Church Dinner Function, I really would like to replace them for her,. Which one do u suggest??You back in the those were very expensive
    Thanks Trai

    1. Stolen at church, isn’t that something…
      Kitchen Krafts is still available on their site and still in the price range of Saladmaster. However, depending on what you are looking for in a waterless cookware brand, you may be better of considering Amazon’s options like Maxam and 360 cookware, you get almost the same result for a fraction of the cost for kitchen crafts.
      All the best Trai.

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