No More Wasting $$$ on Shipping Fees

This is good news for those of you fellow online shoppers out there. Amazon is giving you a chance to try out their amazing Prime shipping service for free for one month.

You and I know that the main reason we order from sites like amazon is not only because they have the best products and customer service, we also don’t like lining up in stores to buy. However the shipping cost can add up quickly if you make online purchases¬†all the time like me, then you must sign up today or go back to the nightmare of department store shopping.


Since I signed up Amazon Prime account, I have saved a tonne of money on shipping fees.

So how does it work, You pay a fixed annual fee and you get most amazon items shipped to you free of charge. This is usually a standard 2 days shipping. Of course if you want it earlier then you may want to pay for overnight shipping (extra cost). However if you plan your shopping well, you wont need to worry about amazon shipping fees ever again and that means no more wasting money of high shipping fees. The trick though is to start your shopping early so you can beat the rush.

So if you have an event or festivity ahead and you have a list of things to order online, what you must do now is to make a list of all the people you want to buy a gift for and write down an idea of what you can get for them. Or make a list of items you need around the house. Then go over now to amazon and start adding things to your cart. Just make sure that you pick only the items with the ‘yellow check mark’ and a blue ‘prime’ right beside the item price like these:

check 2

Don’t forget to put your favourite tea beside you- its essential or coffee. At least you are not running around like a headless chicken in the stores right now.



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